About Festival Coquitlam

Our Organization

Festival Coquitlam, born from the success of Coquitlam's Centennial celebrations, matured from a single weekend affair in 1991 to a series of fun filled, quality family experiences. Festival Coquitlam is a reflection of the spirit and pride of those who proudly call Coquitlam home. The Festival Coquitlam Society is a non-profit registered society and an active member of the B.C. Association of Festivals and Events. Festival Coquitlam is managed and co-ordinated by a dedicated group of community minded volunteers, who are supported by many corporate citizens, community services groups, and individuals. If you would like more information or would like to join the Festival Coquitlam Society, please email TBParade@telus.net.

Our Logo

Designed by local artist Tammy Pilon, this logo reflects the native heritage of the West Coast and in particular the lower Fraser River area. The word "Coquitlam" or "Kwi kwe t l em" comes from the Kwikwetlem First Nations. Derived from the local Kwikwetlem First Nations language, Halqemeylem, the word translates to "Little Red Fish Up the River". This dialect is part of the larger Coast Salish Nations that populated the Fraser River basin thousand of years ahead of the European settlement. The "Little Red Fish" refers to a small breed of Sockeye salmon that populated the Coquitlam River and was one of the major food sources for the First Nation peoples.

Our Mission Statement

To host a series of quality family entertainment experiences which will reflect the spirit and pride of our community.

Our Goals

  • To provide a variety of unique, educational, accessible, and high caliber events for family fun.
  • To bring together, through the development of both core festival events and sanctioned events, a variety of community groups/events under the umbrella of a unified community festival.
  • To encourage Tri-city organizations to participate in Festival Coquitlam and to provide self supporting events in the areas of sport, recreation and culture.
  • To increase awareness of Festival Coquitlam and our community by encouraging residents and visitors to participate in our events and to promote tourism in general.
  • To provide a coordinated marketing and sponsorship program, directed primarily at residents of Coquitlam that will benefit all Festival events and sponsors.

2018 - 2019  Board of Directors

Jackie Weinkam -- Chair
Tony Prophet -- Vice Chair
Jeff Kennedy --Secretary
Maria Tanaka -- Treasurer
Sonia Parmar -- Director
Daphne Gagnon -- Director
Jerry Broussard -- Director

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